2013 Pittsburgh Artist of the Year Exhibition

September 7 – November 3, 2013 | Pittsburgh Center for the Arts

Kotani’s sensitivity to space, form, and line is ever-present in this dynamic and subtle body of work. By co-opting the basic aspects of drawing, crochet and sewing she has contemporized ancient processes within a new language of material and spatial relationships. Joining both the cognitive and intuitive within a personal symbology, she demonstrates the strength of her gestural expedience and methodology, creating works of arresting complexity. Each piece singularly presents itself as a codified interpretation of a particular environment, brought into dimension with a distinctive, minimized economy of strokes and knots and stitches. As a presented body, the pieces resonate reflexively, as if they serve as arrival or departure points within an environment characterized by both calm and fervor.

I personally find a great quietness radiating from the four galleries that contain this exhibition. The lightness, grace, maturity, playfulness and poignancy invite meditation on crucial relationships between environment and perception. Through the simple nature of a line, and the abyss in which the line ultimately resides, Kotani constructs a matrix that seems fundamental to all physical representations. Putting forward an essential framework, she offers a mirror or vessel for the observer to approach and inhabit.

Adam Welch | Curator
Pittsburgh Center for the Arts

Slideshow from 2013 Pittsburgh Artist of the Year Exhibition